Red Matter Knobs

Replace your standard Glide and Tail Vise knobs with these Red Matter Knobs harvested by the acclaimed intergalactic hero Ruck Bodger himself. 

Includes 4 knobs and Ruck Bodger Sticker

Ruck Bodger Sticker also available separately

Sale price$75.00

Back in the 21st century galactic forest woodworker Ruck Bodger found one of his Glide knobs had gone missing. Where had it vanished to? Some say it was a rift in the time-space continuum that took the knob, others say it fell into a black dog hole, still some others say it was chopped off in a fit of anger by renegade anti-visers. All we know is, Ruck needed a replacement in the future now present! Plowing his way through various nebula, Ruck encountered a mesmerizing array of objects made of luminous red matter floating in a cosmic river of toxic blue epoxy. Upon closer examination he discovered the objects were the exact shape of his missing Benchcrafted Glide knob! Employing his shooting skills, he whipped out his Ray-Fleck gun and taking aim he tractor-beamed the glimmering objects into his possession. Traversing the galaxy back to his cosmic woodlot, Ruck was able to return to the world of effortless workholding, his Benchcrafted Glide and Tail Vise now outfitted with knobs of red matter.



Red Matter


Planet Acrylicon


Fits Benchcrafted shoulder bolt and washer

Containment Unit

Jephreez Tube


Self-adhesive transparent film of the Ruck Bodger acquisition narrative. Adheres to your workbench, tool chest, or shuttlecraft.


Only available in quad-unit compounds. Single knobs yield catastrophic fission reactions if separated by more than 8 feet from covalent knobs.

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