Miter Jack Kit

Sale price$39.00

In 2015 we made a small run of components to make a miter jack, a reproduction of an early 20th century vise in our collection from the Parisian firm of Lemainque, commonly known as the "La Forge Royale" catalog. We now offer the kit (minus the wooden screw and nut) as a stock item so one can make the vise exactly as we did in our detailed, free step-by-step guide.
To source the wooden screw and nut, you can either make your own, or buy an excellent example made to our original specs and ready to build into your vise from the producers of the original kit we offered: Lake Erie Toolworks

Instructions: We have a fairly comprehensive multi-post guide for building our Miter Jack here. We do not, however, have printed plans so we are happy to support Red Rose Reproductions who are producing an excellent set of plans using our hardware. Get them here.

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