Supplement your bench, shop, or home with our Swing Away Seat or add functionality to your bench with our Planing Stop or Crucible Holdfast. Browse our whole selection of accessories.

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Crubber Sale priceFrom $11.00
Swing Away SeatSwing Away Seat
Swing Away Seat Sale priceFrom $239.00
Barrel Nut HardwareBarrel Nut Hardware
Barrel Nut Hardware Sale price$39.00
Planing StopPlaning Stop
Planing Stop Sale price$33.00
End Cap Barrel Nut HardwareEnd Cap Barrel Nut Hardware
Crucible HoldfastCrucible Holdfast
Crucible Holdfast Sale price$145.00
Crucible Planing StopCrucible Planing Stop
Crucible Planing Stop Sale price$49.00
Red Matter KnobsRed Matter Knobs
Red Matter Knobs Sale price$75.00