Galbert Drawsharp

Easily keep your drawknife razor sharp with the Galbert Drawsharp. 

Rehab Kit Contains 2 sleeves and 2 each of both coarse and medium diamond pads

Refill Kit Contains 10 abrasive paper pads

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Designed by professional chairmaker and author Peter Galbert, the Drawsharp is a clever, yet simple tool for putting a consistent, repeatable razor-sharp edge on any drawknife. Traditionally, the way to hone a drawknife is by hand, holding the drawknife in one hand, and a stone in the other, a skill-intensive and somewhat dangerous task, especially for beginners. The Drawsharp instead let's you focus on getting a keen, consistently polished edge without having to concentrate on how you're presenting your stone to the edge, or worrying about cutting yourself.


With the Drawsharp, the cutting edge is facing away from your body and fingers, the honing action is parallel to the blade, and your fingers are safely behind the cutting edge at all times.

If you've shied away from using drawknives because of sharpening, the Drawsharp will open the door to this wonderful tool, whether you’re a chairmaker, or looking to add the drawknife to your furnituremaking tool kit.

How it works

The drawknife spine rides on an acetal wear plate and two nylon bumpers which, along with the position of the two posts, determine the honing angle. One post for honing the knife's bevel, and the other for honing the back.

A clearly marked scale for each post allows you to record the setting for a particular drawknife, then return to that setting quickly for future honings.

Each post is fitted with a sleeve loaded with two abrasive pads: a fine diamond pad on one side, and a finer abrasive paper pad on the other. The diamond pad is used to bring up the initial burr, and the opposite side is used to polish the edge further. Each sleeve rides on its post via a VELCRO loop bearing, so the sleeve can rotate to follow curved knives and stay in full contact with the edge.

The posts are adjusted by means of two large knurled nuts, allowing precise, incremental adjustments.

To expose fresh abrasive to the edge, simply slide the sleeve up a bit, it will hold its position and still rotate. Each sleeve can also be flipped end for end to expose even more abrasive.

The Drawsharp comes packaged with enough abrasive for dozens of sharpenings.

Everything you need is in the package.

The Galbert Drawsharp is made primarily of anodized aluminum, and is manufactured in the United States of America.



To hone the drawknife, hold it like a violin, then move the Drawsharp up and down the knife with your other hand. You can adjust your grip for your own comfort. You can hold the drawknife palm up or palm down. Whatever feels best to you.

Each Drawsharp comes with a printed owner’s manual. It can also be downloaded below.

Rehab kit

Most knives will be in good enough condition to use the abrasives included with the Drawsharp. But for those which require more aggressive material removal (removing knicks or severely blunted edges) or for those who may not want to grind their knife, we offer a rehab kit with medium and coarse diamond abrasives. The kit includes two sleeves and two each of coarse and medium diamond pads.

Refill kit

Each Drawsharp comes with ten abrasive paper pads. These should last for dozens of sharpening sessions, but you may eventually use these up. Each refill kit comes with 10 replacement abrasive paper pads.


How to assemble your Drawsharp

Owner's Manual

Installation instructions for all our products are supplied only in PDF format. Please download and review the instructions before using your product.

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