Benchmaker's Package

Sale price$1,020.00
Vises: M
Crisscross: Solo

Get everything you need to build our Split-Top Roubo minus the wood. Choose your Benchcrafted vises and Crisscross.

Included in each Benchmaker's Package

  • Leg Vise
  • Crisscross
  • Tail Vise
  • Split-Top Roubo Plans
  • 1 Set of Barrel Nuts
  • 1 Set of End Cap Barrel Nuts
  • 4 Spax Lag Screws


Minus the wood

Build our Split-Top Roubo bench with Benchcrafted hardware. Make your choice between our Leg Vise/Tail Vise offerings as well as Crisscross style.

Glide Leg Vise

The Glide is one of your leg vise choices in the Benchmaker's Package. It's offered in both Glide M (machined) and Glide C (cast) finishes. Your Tail Vise finish will match your choice of Glide, if you go with this option.

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Classic Leg Vise

Your other option in the leg vise category is the Classic. Mirroring the same workholding capabilities as the Glide, the Classic offers a more traditional look with a tommy bar style interface.

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Offered in three different models, all of our Crisscross mechanisms provide identical functionality. The distinctions comes down to how each one installs into the bench. More details are provided in the link below.

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Tail Vise

When choosing the Glide Leg Vise, it will be paired with a matching Tail Vise in the same finish. Otherwise, if you choose to go with the Classic Leg Vise, it will be paired with our Classic Tail Vise.

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Everything Else

Barrel Nut Hardware

Our knockdown hardware.

End Cap Barrel Nut Hardware

For securing the end cap.

Split-Top Roubo Plans

The plans to make it all come together in a complete bench.

Spax Screws

Four Spax screws for securing the tops to the base

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