Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Benchcrafted was founded in 2005 with one product: the Mag-Blok. We had no intentions of making anything beyond that. Just two years later we were producing some of the finest workbench hardware available anywhere. We're a small, family company with just a handful of employees and we plan to keep it that way. We're motivated by one thing; making the best, most satisfying things we can. That doesn't always make them the cheapest, nor should a price tag be the first criterion when selecting the most important tools in your shop.

We work with our own products, both professionally and for pleasure on a daily basis. Our goal is to discover, study and test the best workholding methods for hand tool and power tool use, and turn these ideas into products that make all of our experiences in the shop better. We primarily look to the past for the seeds of our ideas, and mingle them with modern technologies and processes to yield results that work effortlessly. Ironic as it may sound, our goal is for our products to simply be a means to an end, to do their job quietly in the periphery so your mind can focus on producing your best work.

The Abraham family