The Mag-Blok can be used for just about anything* you can imagine. As long as it's magnet friendly you're good to go. You'll wonder how you got along without it!
*Holding power on some items such as flashlights are dependent on materials and thickness.

Because the Mag-Blok is all wood, unlike typical magnetic holders that rely on steel rails, the Mag-Blok can't ding or nick your high quality blade steel. Your knives will stay sharp longer with the Mag-Blok because wood is edge friendly.

Also, unlike traditional knife blocks, bacteria cannot get trapped in deep slots.

Mag-Bloks will keep your tools secure. With the holding power of Rare Earth magnets, Mag-Bloks are capable of holding heavier items such as large hand tools. Holding power is dependant on shape, friction and size of item. For large items, such as heavier hand planes with a relatively small contact area, we rcommend two horizontal Mag-Bloks spaced several inches apart. Real world results may vary.

The construction methods used to make
Mag-Bloks are such that the entire block seems to be a single piece of wood. Furthermore, the magnetic field is continuous, thanks to a full complement of rare Earth magents, meaning no "zones".

Unlike typical metal rail magnet bars, Mag-Bloks are attractive, designed to accentuate and enhance their environment.

We use premium solid hardwoods for all our MAG-BLOKs, finished with our all natural, food safe BLOK-BUTTER resulting in a renewable satin wipe on finish.
All Bloks now come unfinished and include a full tube of Blok Butter!
Countersunk Washers: Combined with solid brass screws, these machined brass washers prevent the normal tendency of screw heads to split stock, leaving a clean finished look.