• Design, Construction Notes and Techniques Free Download
35 pages of history, design info, construction notes and techniques, and photos of the completed bench
Click here to download.

• 3-d eDrawing of the complete bench with vises Free Download
This three-dimensional drawing can be rotated and viewed from any angle. You can move the individual parts around and make them invisible or transparent to see exactly how the joinery works or how the vises are installed.
Click here to download the Shaker Bench in 3-d.

Click here to download the eDrawings Viewer software you'll need to view the Shaker Bench in 3-d

• Printed Plans
Six pages of 20" x 30" large-format prints of the measured drawings, showing the bench in numerous views, exploded and with details of each part and construction sequences. Extremely comprehensive and concise. Printed on 20-lb. bond paper, edge bound and shipped rolled in a tube.

Shaker Bench Details

Outfitted with our Tail Vise and Glide Leg Vise, the Benchcrafted Shaker Bench is capable of all typical furniture and cabinetmaking holding tasks. With the sliding deadman the bench can handle clamping large panels vertically for working the ends of panels or the edges of long boards. A generous top overhang provides space for clamping work directly to the top.

The bench's cabinet is made from plywood with solid wood for the face frame and other structural elements. The top, vises and accessories are all made from solid hardwood. The top is made from 8/4 stock, with a 4" thick, 3" wide front section including the dog hole strip. The bench is less physically demanding to build than our Split-Top Roubo. We recommend hard or soft maple, beech, or ash. The empty bench weighs about 340 pounds. The bench doesn't move under the most rigorous planing tasks. Overall size is 86" long, 25" wide, 35" high.


Due to the nature of the Shaker bench design, Benchcrafted does not provide hardware (hinges, bolts, nails, etc.) for building the bench. A complete hardware list and sources of supply is provided in the construction notes. Please also see our FAQ for sources of supply.