You will receive a shipping invoice via PayPal (you need not have an account) when your order is ready to ship. We do not automatically apply shipping for these items as the cost varies so widely.

We do NOT send out order confirmations. You should receive a confirmation directly from PayPal that you have made a purchase. Please note also your receipt will NOT reflect lead times, all lead times are on our order page only.

We accept payments via PayPal shopping cart. Those not familiar with PayPal often assume that they need become a PayPal member to make payment. Fortunately for those who would prefer to not open an account with PayPal, payment can be made without doing so. PayPal is merely a Merchant Account provider allowing us to process credit cards. It is no different than any of the myriad other merchant account providers used by countless other websites.

Though we much prefer credit cards, we can also accept checks under special circumstances. Likewise, for those who refuse to use PayPal, we can also process credit cards directly. Both of these methods require more time and processing however and we strongly encourage using our PayPal Cart system. If you insist on either of these methods please simply drop us an email.

We only accept returns with pre-approval.

We ship most small domestic orders via USPS. Most orders over 3+lbs. typically ship UPS. Please be sure you provide the correct shipping address at checkout. Registered PayPal members, this applies especially to you!

Vise orders: Shipping will be billed after payment, for accuracy. The cart system will show $0.00 estimated shipping at time of ordering, this does NOT mean your shipping will be free. When your order is ready we will send a shipping invoice to you via PayPal.

We ship via USPS only. If you absolutely cannot accept USPS, special arrangements can be made. PLEASE NOTE: We insure all packages for total cost including postage, this means that if you purchase an item for $10 and the postage is $5, the Customs Form will read $15.00 total value. If we don't do this and your item is damaged or lost you won't recover your entire expense. We realize that this can impact your VAT (or other applicable taxes). If you would rather forego this please contact us.

We only charge ACTUAL shipping, both Domestic and International. We don't charge for handling, etc. Some International customers may find it curious that their customs forms may read a different postage cost than what we charge. We use a 3rd party Insurer, the amount of which does not show on customs forms; i.e. while we may charge you $15.00 for shipping, of which perhaps $3.00 is insurance, the postage amount on the customs form will read $12.00.

We have an excellent track record in these cases, having seen very few missing parts and almost no defects in our product shipments. That said, we do miss something every so often. In such cases simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we'll take care of you.